MLB draft provides motivation for the future

MLB draft provides motivation for the future

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Former Midland Lee pitcher, Bo Blessie got a taste of his lifelong dream coming true last week when he was selected in the MLB draft. The Washington Nationals picked Blessie in the 36th round and although he's sticking to his plans to play at Nebraska next season, he says seeing his name on the draft board has only motivated him to see it again.

"Absolutely yeah cause I mean it's an amazing feeling you can't really explain it but to hear it again would be just as amazing," said Blessie.

Blessie said being selected in this year's draft did come as a surprise. Although, he knew he was on the Nationals radar after pitching for their upperclassmen Area Code team last summer.

"I was playing video games actually and then I just got a phone call and then the scouting director for the Nationals told me that I had been drafted," explained Blessie. 
While the big leagues may well be in Blessie's future, he's first going to live out another lifelong goal, following in his father's footsteps playing baseball at Nebraska.

In Lincoln, he'll be meeting up with Midland High alum Jaxon Hallmark, who just earned all-Big Ten honors after his freshman season.

"We've been friends since we were like 9. We played little league with each other. We've been waiting for a really long time to play together again and now it's getting really close," said Blessie. 
Blessie hopes the two of them can help the Huskers make strides in the Big Ten. An individual goal for Blessie is to stay healthy, which was a battle during his time at Lee.

"Just unlucky stuff like this year I broke my ankle hitting. So I mean it's just a bunch of crazy stuff," explained Blessie.

Blessie will be added to a growing list of division one players out of Midland, who are slowly but surely putting the tall city on the baseball map.

"People are really good here and people don't understand that baseball is a big sport here people take it seriously. There is a bunch of good talent," said Blessie.

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