George H.W. Bush celebrates 94th birthday

(KWES) - George H.W. Bush was born on June 12, 1924, which makes him 94-years-old.

He is now the oldest living president in United States history outliving Gerald Ford who lived to 93-years-old.

Before he was commander in chief, George H.W. Bush and Barbara called Midland home.

"Whereas a young married couple they first established their roots, this is where the family lived the longest amount of time during their early married years," said Paul St. Hilaire, Executive Director of Bush Childhood Home.

It was here in West Texas where they raised their children for a good portion of the 1950's.

By the early 60's George H.W. Bush was making his way to the top of the Republican Party.

During the 1988 Republican National Convention, the speech made waves with, " read my lips, no new taxes.'

Bush won that year and was elected President in 1989.

Chief of Staff Jean Becker, for the Bush family, says that George H. W. Bush has requested to have a low-key birthday this year and "no presents."

He is still recovering at his home in Maine after being released from the hospital nearly a week ago.

George H. W. Bush, President of the United States, 1989 official portrait.

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