New details released into former MPD chief sexual harassment investigation

New details released into former MPD chief sexual harassment investigation

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The City of Midland has released more information into the investigation into claims of sexual harassment involving former police chief Steve Henry.

The documents account the complaints from a Midland Police Department employee. There were at least 36 incidents in a nearly three-month period

Henry was placed on administrative leave on March 20 and following the investigation, he was terminated one month later, less than four months after he took the job.

The original investigation detailed Henry had violated City of Midland personnel policies, including dealing with harassment.

After requesting more information into the investigation on March 20, NewsWest 9 was told the state Attorney General would have to release that information.

On Tuesday, the seven-page document detailing the complaints from a city employee was released.

According to the document, Henry made comments of a sexual nature towards female employees.

He often commented on the employee's appearance including telling her how she "cleaned up really nice" and that she would "look really good in uniform," the document states.

On several occasions, the comments were made in front of other employees and co-workers.

The document states in early March, Henry invited himself to lunch and sat too close to the employee making the complaints. "It was uncomfortable because Henry showed up to a lunch with five women," the complainant stated. "It was even more uncomfortable that he was seated very close to me."

The woman states that she moved away, but "his leg was still touching my leg."

She stated the behavior was noticed by the other women who also felt awkward, making her feel embarrassed.

On another occasion, the complainant stated Henry licked his lips in a flirtatious manner while looking at her inappropriately in front of a coworker who said he was uncomfortable because it was clear Henry was making her feel uncomfortable.

Just before being put on administrative leave, on March 14, the complainant stated in a text message, others were becoming aware of his "odd comments" towards female officers and detectives.

From invading personal space to making comments on appearance, the document alleges Henry's actions were repeated and unwarranted.

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