Fat-loss and fitness center soon to open a second facility in Odessa

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Are you looking to stay fit this summer? How about losing your first 20 pounds in a smart and healthy way? A fitness facility in Midland can help you do that. They're also expanding to Odessa.

It's called Firm Training Programs, and they've been around for the past three years. The program ensures those who walk in will continue to feel better when they walk out.

"I think people neglect their health a lot here, we're just not as health conscious as some cities like Houston, Austin and Dallas Ft, Worth areas. I want to bring that to West Texas," said Firm Training Programs owner John Mark Hopper.

Instructors help women enjoy their workouts and eat better while still getting the fat-loss results they're looking for. Each client can lose their first 20 pounds through a variety of steps without drastically changing their quality of life.

"It's not cookie cutter," said Hopper. "It can't be because our bodies are so different. Different ages, different genders, different hormones, our bodies are so different that we have to look at how they respond and then make adjustments based off of that."

First, clients find what their goals are. Then they do their process goals through workout, nutrition and motivation. The program even offers a grocery store tour, where clients are shown how to read labels properly so they're conscious about what they're eating.

"We take them to the store and have a topic, like gluten, or carbohydrates, whatever our clients are most curious about," said Hopper. "We talk about how we look at that."

The program has been so successful that they're opening a new facility over in Odessa, where they can help from 500-600 people every day. Losing weight doesn't have to be as hard as you think, but it does require you to move smarter, safer and stronger.

"My idea is not to give them the best solution and cram it into their life, if we can create a program their life goes around then they'll be successful," said Hopper.

The new Odessa facility will open July 30 at 4555 E University Suite C-7. Classes will run during the same hours as the Midland facility starting at 4:45 a.m. If you'd like to register, you can get your hands on pre-sale tickets here.

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