Consider This... School Shooting

Consider This... School Shooting

(KWES) - I do not want to down play what happened last week it is gut-wrenching to put it mildly.  But I notice a pattern.  With these events, our country seems to get further apart instead of coming closer together.  The anti-gun fringe automatically say it's a gun problem.  The pro-gun outliers immediately say guns did not kill anyone.

I believe the problem lies in the middle, those refusing to block out the noise and get something done about it instead of immediately running to one side or the other about the issue.  How about we all start with something we can agree on and then move from there?

Consider this...  Surely, we all can agree that this guy had no business with a gun of any kind.  I am not saying take your guns away.  This guy should have not had a gun.  His mental history was well documented.  His Instagram posts were screaming I am dangerous.  People is his community turned him in to the FBI.  This 19-year-old, with a history of mental illness and who has been kicked out of his school for violence, was able to purchase a gun.  It is simply wrong.

I am a gun owner.  I have no desire to give my guns to anyone.  I do however think that it's a privilege that I earn by my daily actions and maturity.  A stronger vetting system seems reasonable to me and more importantly, it would save lives.

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