Consider this...Alert, attentive, distraction-free driving saves lives

(KWES) - Do you remember when you were a parent for the first time?  Every sniffle, sneeze, or even a scratch left you paralyzed?  You questioned what was wrong, was it normal, and were you doing what good parents do.

Then there was the person who calmed your nerves, who answered all the questions no matter how many, and the person who told you junior was going to be okay.

They were there for visits that sometimes turned into counseling sessions.  They were there when we were scared.  In our eyes, they took whatever was wrong with the single most important thing in our life and fixed it.

Hero... life safer... counselor...  They were your child's doctor.

Consider This... We have to do better.  There are three children without a mom, a husband without his wife, and hundreds of patients and parents without their pediatrician. We have to do better.

Alert, attentive, and distraction-free driving.  We owe it to those on two legs, two wheels, four wheels or even eighteen.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Ackerman's Family and the team and patients at Midland Pediatric Associates.

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