2 Midlanders to compete at USA Shooting Nationals

2 Midlanders to compete at USA Shooting Nationals

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A couple members of the Permian Basin Young Guns club are heading to Georgia for the USA shooting championships.

Seventeen-year-old and Midland Christian senior, Brooke Willhite, will be joined by her eleven-year-old brother Cash, for their one chance to compete together.

"This is my senior year so it'll be the first and last year I get to go with him," said Brooke Willhite.

Brooke is chasing her dream of shooting in college, while Cash is coming right along developing as a shooter. He won a bronze medal at the Junior Olympics earlier this year.

He says that the sport has taught him much more than just how to properly compete.

"Just like self-control. Patience. That you have to work hard to win," said Cash Willhite.

Working hard is exactly what the Willhites have done. Even in the triple-digit heat they've been putting on their gear and getting their reps in.

"We shoot an air rifle at home before school and then we come out here later," explained Cash.

"week I think we've been out three or four times. We're coming out whenever the wind's not too bad and the temperatures aren't too high," added Brooke.

The siblings are searching to do the best that they can at the competition, and learn all they can from some of the top talents in the country.

"A new personal record would be nice, but definitely to go shoot my best down there on a big national stage," said Brooke.

The Willhites will begin to compete on Sunday.

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