Odessa native stays undefeated in his professional boxing career

Odessa native stays undefeated in his professional boxing career

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa native Joey Alday Jr. competed in his eighth professional boxing fight and came home with his eighth victory staying undefeated. His first seven fights were knockouts, but this last one lasted four rounds ending with a unanimous decision.

"It was a good experience to be in their with someone so tough. I knew it would last all the rounds. As soon as I hit him the first time and he took my shot, I knew it was going to be a long night. It was a good experience," said Alday.

It was also a new atmosphere for the 23-year-old as this was his first fight in Los Angeles, CA and stepping into the ring was a little different.

"I was nervous. Every time you fight in front of a different crowd you don't know if they're going to like you or the way you carry yourself. The crowd's always real mysterious on how they're going to act around you so whenever you start landing good shots and they get on your side it's a good feeling," said Alday.

When Alday first started boxing he liked it, but didn't necessarily love it until the sport turned into more than just a hobby.

"Probably when I turned about 16 years old is when I grew this passion for it and ever since then it's been one of the best sports and one of the best sports I've tried. I love it. You got to love this sport," said Alday.

The secret to Alday's success is his prefight routine. Before every fight he has to drink a mountain dew and watch one of his favorite childhood shows.

"I have to watch an episode of Dragon Ball Z. I have to. Every fight.  Right before I get in the ring while I'm chilling at the hotel room I have to watch an episode. I guess it just gets me pumped up. It's since I won my first National Title. Ever since then I've always done it. I don't feel like I have to do it, but when I do it, it's more comforting," said Alday.

Alday is getting ready for his next fight in July which could possibly be on shown on Showtime. If it is it'll be his TV debut which he believes he's definitely ready for.

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