Veteran of Foreign Wars in Odessa hold flag-raising to honor D-Day

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Veterans of Foreign Wars post 4372 in Odessa honored D-Day by holding a flag-raising ceremony on Wednesday morning.

Veterans gathered together to discuss what D-Day is about and shared a free breakfast after.

They said it's important to honor this day to remember the tyranny we were fighting against and the liberation of the oppressed.

"People get killed and die on their way to this wonderful country," said Captain Luis Lopez of the VFW post 4372. "D-Day shows we are willing to go and help those that have a need."

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The VFW post 4372 does this flag-raising ceremony every year and continues to honor every veteran holiday and observance day.

"We observe the great sacrifices the men before us made to keep this country and the world supposedly with a little bit of freedom and liberty to enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness," said Lopez.

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