MHS Quarterback remembered after fatal plane crash

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We now know more about the two victims killed in Thursday night's plane crash at the Midland International Airport. Father John Michael Cooper and his son Gavyn Cooper were flying in his father's plane when it went down.
Gavyn was a sophomore quarterback at Midland High School.

When members of the Midland High football team heard a plane had crashed in the Tall City, they say they automatically thought of their teammate Gavyn, knowing that his dad owned a plane.

On Friday morning, their thoughts turned into reality.

"It didn't hit me until this morning when I walked into the locker room. I think we had about 40 kids in there already, but it was dead silent. Nobody was talking and everyone was just sitting in front of their lockers. We all went in the weight room. Coach brought us all up and talked to us and we all shared what we thought about Gavyn and he told us about how this is God's plan and we gotta follow it. Even if we don't understand it. If we knew what he knew, then we would understand but we don't so we just gotta keep going with it and keep our faith in him," said Suddin Sapien, a Midland High Varsity Quarterback.

Cooper's teammates say although he was an underclassman he was a leader in the Bulldog program.

"Everyone just kinda loved him. It's really crazy that he's gone," said Riggs Mcdonald, a Midland High Varsity Quarterback and Wide Receiver.

"Nicest person I've ever met. Always had a smile on his face. He would bring donuts every day to the advisory. He even brought the coaches cupcakes one day because he just felt like they needed some cupcakes he was the most selfless person I've ever met," said Sapien.

"If you were ever around Gavin. You would've been a happy person. You would've known that he was a strong believer in Christ and you know he was going in the right direction in life on of the best people you could ever be around one of the best people I knew," said Mcdonald.

On the field, Cooper will be remembered as one of the hardest workers, striving to play at the varsity level.

"He talked about it all the time. He loved football and that's all he did. He was always in the weight room always looking to get better and he was really looking forward to playing on Friday nights," added Mcdonald.

So now those Friday nights in the fall at midland high will mean much more than wins and losses.

"I've already kinda started thinking about that that he's gonna be a motivator," said Mcdonald.

"Definitely there's a new motivation for next season after last night," said Sapien.