OPINION: NBA finals set for a fourth Cavs-Warriors series

(KWES) - Tomorrow night, the Cavs and the Warriors will meet in the NBA finals for a fourth straight year.

Immediately after this match-up was set, my twitter feed was filled with tweets from fellow NBA fans saying that's it they're done watching basketball this season.

That they don't want to watch the best player in the world take on the best team.

Television ratings say otherwise. They've increased since the Cavs-Warriors match-up began.

The 2013-2014 spurs-heat finals averaged 15.4 million viewers.

The first Cavs-Warriors final drew 19.9 million, and they've gone up the last two years.

While players on the Cavs and Warriors rosters might be hesitant to call this a rivalry, by definition it is.

And meeting for four straight finals is something that hasn't been done.

The Lakers and Celtics in the 80's only met three times consecutively, but I doubt a fourth matchup would've caused anything but excitement.

Americans love dominance. The discussion over who is really the G.O.A.T is almost exhausting but is absolutely relevant.

Lebron James is heading to his eighth-straight finals and is without a doubt the greatest player of this generation.

But whether he earns the top spot in history is still up for discussion and will likely always be but if he can get past this stacked golden state team. He's only going to add to his case.

I'll say this, I'll be watching.

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