Doobie Brothers concert costs $32,000 for Midland County

Doobie Brothers concert costs $32,000 for Midland County
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MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Following a meeting on Tuesday, Midland County commissioners learned a concert funded using the Horseshoe Promotion fund cost about $32,000.

A $50,000 entertainment deposit was first made for the Doobie Brothers concert back in March after being in the works for several months.

The deposit was 50 percent of the $100,000 guaranteed, meaning the remaining $50,000 would come from ticket sales, which varied from $35 to $100 per ticket.

The concert only yielded an $18,000 return, however, Midland County Judge Mike Bradford said the value of the event goes beyond the cost.

"The real value was the fact that we had veterans and their families came at no charge," Bradford said.

Bradford said he's proud to have presented an opportunity like this concert, but not everyone is in agreeance.

Back when the deposit was first approved, the now Republican candidate for the County Judge seat, Terry Johnson, spoke against the decision.

"I couldn't think of any reason that justifies the county getting in the rock concert business," Johnson said.

Johnson added it's not the county's responsibility to provide the community with concerts of their choosing.

Despite the criticism, Bradford stands by his decision and this isn't the first time the promotional account was used to bring entertainment acts to the area.

Back in 2015, the account was first used to bring comedian Jeff Foxworthy to the Permian Basin, an act that had negative revenue for the county.

The Midland County Budget for 2018 lists the fund had an initial balance of $150,000 when it was created in 2015.

According to a Midland Reporter-Telegram report, the investment into the Doobie Brothers concert is as follows:

  • Promotional fund contribution: ($50,000)

  • Refund to promotional fund: $9,195.68 (promotional fund contribution minus proceeds)

  • Amphitheater rent: $4,500

  • Merchandise commissions: $2,265

  • Food and beverage commissions:$1,583.92

  • Midland County investment:($32,455.40)

The MRT also stated the county's policy calls for half of the money from events that use the promotions account and generate net profit to be returned to the account.

The remaining money goes to the general fund and is later transferred to an account for the Pick-Up Midland County trash collection challenge.

The Horseshoe promotion fund from the Midland County budget is listed below.

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