A/C concerns trouble Odessa apartment complex

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Several residents at a section 8 apartment complex are feeling the heat in Odessa.

Since the morning of May 29, at least 29 units were without air conditioning at the Landmark Apartments.

That's because each apartment runs off an evaporating conditioner.

These systems often referred to as "swamp coolers" are placed on the apartment roofs, and have to be swapped out seasonally for heaters.

Unfortunately, at the Landmark Apartments damage from hail storms in recent years led to a need of roof repairs, according to Bernadine Spears, the executive director of the Odessa Housing Authority.

With the need of roof repairs, Spears said more delays began to pile up as they needed to secure contractors through a bidding process to repair the roof.

She says due to overbooking, crews could not get started until the beginning of May.

Then more damage was found to the A/C units as they were getting ready to be installed.

These circumstances and the combination of above average warm temperatures throughout May have left dozens of resident fighting to beat the heat.

Last year, each resident was given a box fan by management to help stimulate airflow from their evaporating coolers inside the apartments.

Residents we spoke with say they still use those box fans in their rooms to sleep at night, but temperatures throughout their apartments are uncomfortable.

Though relief appears to be coming soon, Spears expects all of her apartment's evaporating conditioners to be hooked up by the end of May 30.

She also stated she will be discussing a full conversion to the more common refrigerated A/C units at her next board meeting for the Odessa Housing Authority.

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