Restaurant Report: Low performers in Midland and Odessa

Montecito Bar & Grill (Source: Google Maps)
Montecito Bar & Grill (Source: Google Maps)

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - For the first time in several weeks, there were low performers from each Midland and Odessa. Each city had one for the week of April 30th through May 4th. However, each did have a few top performers as well.

Lucy's Café at 615 W. Clement St. in Odessa was cited for the following:

- No grease barrel
- Bleach not used on third rinse
- Some food handler cards not provided
- Silverware being washed in hand sink
- Some food not covered
- Some food being covered with towel
- Bowls used to scoop food
- Food being consumed in food prep area
- Garbage dumpster area needs cleaning

This resulted in the health inspector deducting 19 points from Lucy's Café.

Montecito Bar & Grill at 1811 W. Industrial Ave. in Midland was cited for the following:

- Employee drinks in kitchen area
- No thermometer in reach-in freezers
- No thermometer in reach-in cooler
- Flour bins not labeled
- No paper towels at hand wash sink in kitchen area
- Scoops found inside flour bins
- Box of cantaloupes found on floor of walk-in cooler
- Open containers of food in reach-in cooler
- No soap in ladies restroom
- No hot water in both public restrooms
- No food handler certificates for employees
- No certification for food manager

This resulted in the health inspector deducting 18 points from Montecito Bar & Grill.

There were a few restaurants with perfect scores in each city. Here's a look at Odessa's top performers:

- Long John Silver's (1418 N. County Rd.)
- Domino's Pizza (1106 E. 42nd St.)
- Casa Ortiz Restaurant (503 N. Alleghaney Ave.)

Here's a look at Midland's top performers:

- Rebel Ice Snow Cones (3404 N. Midland Dr.)

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