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Rockhounds catcher Sean Murphy ranked in top 100 MLB prospect list

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Sean Murphy is the Oakland Athletics number six prospect and continues to play well on both sides of the ball.
Recently, Murphy was added to the MLB top 100 prospect list placed at number 97. Among the catchers listed, the 23-year-old is ranked number three. Being a top prospect on the roster, Murphy sees the importance of being a leader even if it's just by example.

"I mean as a catcher it's my job to lead. As far as pumping guys up and doing all that it's not really my style but as far as leading by example and making sure I do everything I'm suppose to do, that kind of leadership than yeah. If I don't do that, then I'm not doing my job." 

Midland is currently in third place in the Texas League South, seven games back of the San Antonio Missions. The Hounds got a much needed win Wednesday night snapping a four game losing streak. During that game Murphy went 3-4 with two doubles, one run, and two RBI. He picked up his 19th and 20th doubles of the season.

The Rockhounds will be back at Security Bank Ballpark on May 29 after their six-game road trip.

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