Andrews students asking city council for dog park


It's easy to complain, but it takes will power of action and determination to make a change.  

They call themselves future problem solvers and the problem they want to solve is stray animals in the streets. 

"A group of students who basically are given different situations and we have to solve problems the group today is doing a current problem that we have in the area that most areas have stray animals," said Geoff Scott, a teacher at Andrews ISD.  

The eighth graders came up with the name " Project Growls." 

They want people in the community to take better care of their pets and are educating elementary school students on pet care.  

Every year, students come up with different ideas to make a change in the community.  

"The big thing that we focused on was the incident, the dog attack with Mrs. Verner in August, and that kinda inspired it because we felt like that’s not okay that she was attacked, and this is something that needs to be solved. I am a runner myself and I have been chased a couple of different times by stray dogs when I am out running and that’s scary," said Claire Clark, a student at Andrews ISD.  

The attack left Mrs. Verner's legs with bite marks and bruises.  

The students believe the lack of responsible dog owners has led to the attacks.

To help put a stop to dog attacks the students are educating students at Underwood Elementary about proper pet ownership.  

"Pet care camp, which is basically where the kids go around, and they go to stations and we teach them a little bit about city ordinances and how to take care of their pet," said eighth grader Brianna Helbig.

In the pet camps they teach things like grooming, feeding and exercise.  

"Exercise your pet because it keeps them healthy, it keeps them from getting overweight which can cause joint and bone problems," said Clark.  

The students will present their proposal to Andrews City Council on Thursday night about building a dog park for residents to use.  

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