Odessa Police crack down on underage drinking with 'Project Graduation'

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Odessa Police will be on the lookout for graduation parties involving underage drinking for the weekend of May 24 through May 27.

Police are calling the crackdown "Project Graduation".

Officers will be increasing their patrol throughout the weekend to prevent underage drinking in the community.

However, it isn't just teens that the police are worried about.

"The criminal charges against adults are much more substantial than those charges against minors who do the consuming" said Michael Gerke, Odessa Chief of Police

"If you provide a place for these parties to happen or if you provide the alcohol, there are several charges that can be filed against you and we will file those charges."

Officers are also offering cash rewards through the weekend for tips about parties where underage drinking might be going on.

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