Low voter turnout makes difference in run-off election

Low voter turnout makes difference in run-off election


Tuesday's run-off election showed not to have as big of a voter turnout as the primary in March.

According the Texas Secretary of State, about 500,000 voters went out to vote of the 21.3 million registered voters.   

"Not a tremendous amount of people voted period. So, not as many that have voted in the primary earlier," Patricia Stevens, President of the League of Women Voters of Midland.

Looking at local numbers: 

  • 82,443 registered voters  
  • 5,345 people voted 
  • 4,818 Republicans voted.  
  • 527 Democrats voted.  

Midland County, click here, for more information 

That’s makes about 90 percent of Republicans showing up to the polls and only 10 percent of Democrats.  

Ector County: 

  • Democrats 75,071 registered voters  
  • 462 voted 
  • 0.62 percent
  • Republicans 22,648 register voters 
  • 1,588 voted 
  • 7.01 percent

Click here for more info on the Republican party.

Click here for more info on the Democratic party. 

In Midland County, the big ticket was for the Midland County Judge.  

James Beauchamp came ahead by about 14 votes with early voters.  

In the past, the winner has been determined with early votes by a landslide.  

Stevens also said they had different campaign styles.  

"It seems like everyone I know got lots and lots of mailing from James Beauchamp, but I think Terry personally knows a lot of people in this community and obviously that's who they wanted," said Stevens.  

Johnson will now represent the Republican party in the November election.

The League of Women Voters of Midland encourages everyone to go vote in the next election 

"Even if their candidate doesn't win they need to get in that practice of voting and over time they can create positive change in their direction they want," said Stevens.  

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