Comanche Trail Amphitheater in planning stages of getting a new roof

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - The Comanche Trail Amphitheater is close to 80-years-old and is empty on a usual day.

"Big part of our history, and it's kind of faded away, it's kind of let go," said Barney Dodd, President of the Amphitheater Improvement Board.

The theater was built in 1939 and doesn't get very many visitors, except for the annual Pops in the Park event. Otherwise, performing artists won't perform unless the theater has a roof.

"This is West Texas, we have to bring in some shade for the visitors to be able to enjoy the site as well as a big stage platform for the potential groups that will be playing here," said Kelly Cook with KDC Associates.

KDC Associates has worked on several projects to bring architectural beauty around the Permian Basin. That's why they're working with a newly-formed non-profit called The Amphitheater Improvement Board, aimed to raise funds to help speed up the process of getting a roof.

"It's a gem. Why not see if we can get some improvement but if we deal with taxpayer money, I'm going to be here forever," said Dodd.

The theater must meet ADA requirements in order for this project to come to life. Right now the board is planning three phases which is putting a roof, adding a green room and dressing room, then adding fencing around the venue.

"The amphitheater, when we first laid eyes on it, we realized it was something very significant," said Cook. "Right now, we're doing a lot of research on the site. They'll probably be a couple of weeks of nothing but research and then we'll start doing schematic ideas and working with the community and city on presenting those."

As the board continues to work on the project through several stages, they hope by this time next year, it'll be complete and bring life to the center stage.

The board received a commitment from SM Energy for this project for $60,000. To stay up to date with the board, click here.

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