Ector Co. Library hosts summer reading program

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A study on summer reading loss shows students from low-income families will fall behind 2.5 years by the time they ready 5th grade.

It's moms like Angela Landerdos, who said she is inspired to teach her children the fun world of reading, that are trying to turn those numbers around by showing their children the beauty in reading.

"I explained to the them it's like a movie without the pause. You know, you pause whenever you want and it's not like during the commercials or anything, it's a whole different world," said the mother of two.

Reading to your children can be a bonding experience and now parents have even more incentives to pick up a book with their children this summer.

Ector County Library's summer reading program starts May 31 and will go on until August.

"So that kids don't forget and go backwards over the summer and then the teachers have to cover and go backward inside of going forward. And we want them to know reading is fun and you learn new things, so that improves children's lives so much," said J'Nevelyn White, Ector County Library.

The program is for all ages even parents can have a little fun reading.

The youth department will be put in different age groups.

"Zero to five, six to eight and nine through 11, and then for the teens, we give away a $100 gift card and teens are required to read five books this summer," said Lynette Nickell with the Ector County Library.

Younger children must read 15 books and that's okay with Angela Landerdos.

"Me, when I was a child, we were fermented to read, and we were inspired and we were challenged to be reprised. I would like that same thing for my children because it opened up a whole new world," said Landerdos.

For more information on schedules and sign-ups, click here.

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