Get rid of your bulky items this Saturday at Washington Park

Bulky item drop off

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you're doing some spring cleaning and have big items you need to throw away, Keep Midland Beautiful and the City of Midland can help. They're having their Bulky Item Drop-Off Day, where you can get rid of those big items you don't need and do it the right way.

As part of Keep Midland Beautiful's beautification efforts which are targeting the south end of Midland, they're hoping to get more residents to understand what goes in the dumpster and what doesn't.

"We want to provide another location for people to bring their bulky items during their spring cleaning," said Audrey Sizemore with Keep Midland Beautiful.

Midlanders will often notice mattresses, clothing or furniture piled up in alleyways. These big items like household furniture, patio furniture, trampolines or yard waste are some examples of what can be accepted at the bulky item drop-off.  Tires, vehicle batteries, pallets and oil won't be accepted.

On a usual trash pick-up day, the solid waste department doesn't just drive around and pick up whatever is in a dumpster, as some of those items must be taken to the citizens collection station and disposed of properly. Otherwise, depending on what you're disposing of, you can be fined by the city for illegal dumping. That's why KMB and Midland hope with more help, they can end the waste of open space.

"We host events like this so we can continue to inspire and educate because without them it's hard to understand where litter prevention is and where it's important because we don't want our town be littered with bulky items everywhere. We want to see it clean and beautiful and waste free as much as possible," said Sizemore.

The bulky item drop-off will be at the parking lot at Washington Park in Midland from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

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