Lives of fallen officers remembered during Midland Police tribute

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland city employees and law enforcement used National Police Week as a way to keep the memories of 22 fallen officers alive.

Twenty-two roses were displayed, representing each officer who made the ultimate sacrifice in the State of Texas.

"Behind that officer, behind that picture, there's an actual family who has lost a loved one. It really does bring it home for everyone," said Herman.

Sheena Stief sometimes worries when her husband leaves their home, whenever he puts on his badge and heads to work, that will be the last time she sees him.

"I want him to be safe and that means a lot too," said Stief.

Stief was one of the 22 people who placed a rose on a fallen officer's picture.

"This is really important for the community to come out and engage in," said Stief.

Officers make brave sacrifices and decisions all the time. When Stief thinks of it and thinks of her husband, those worries turn into something else.

"I'm proud of him, to go out and keep doing what he's doing because it's important," said Stief.

Stief understands an officer's sacrifice and hard-work just looking at her husband.

"It warms my heart. He's an amazing individual," said Stief.

The remembrance lasted under an hour, but the memories those lost and the pride for those still wearing the badge, will last a lifetime.

The tributes in the Basin are continuing. On Friday, Odessa police will host a remembrance for fallen officers at Sunset Memorial Gardens at 10 a.m.

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