Independent Dance Company holds auditions for dance competition

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you know some kids and teens who love dancing, auditions are coming up for the Independent Dance Company where they can compete in dance competitions.

It all starts on studio floors. Every week, choreographer Joey Hahn, a two-time world champion dancer, brings those hard-hitting moves in all of his routines.

"I love it, I love to train the kids," said Hahn. "I love to do it myself, it's fun to entertain. It's a good workout. I just love it. The kids really make it come to life so without them, we couldn't do this."

The kids may be small but they have moves big enough to shake the stage. Every day, practice makes perfect during the year to prepare for the big competition.

"You have to try it first," said dancer Caden Printe. "You can't just not try. You have to find your way to express yourself."

The teams recently competed in Orlando, Florida for the 2018 Summit National Championships. It's a competition where dance teams all over the world compete. Their youth co-ed team made 1st and their small junior co-ed team placed 6th.

"No matter what, when you're here at the studio, you earn trophies in the studio and you pick them up at the competition," said dancer Halie Tabarez. "So no matter what, when we're here, we just work."

It's work with music and teamwork that doesn't only pay off in awards, but family.

"It's more for later in life, it's to teach good life lessons," said Hahn. "To get the community to come together and give kids opportunities that don't really have them. They develop a comradery between each other and it's a life long friendship."

Dance auditions will be held on May 16 and 17. The age groups are listed below.

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