Midland teen makes transition from high school bulldog to college bear

Midland teen makes transition from high school bulldog to college bear

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After four years of being the bulldog "Spike" at Midland High, Colbie York is heading to Baylor University and will become one of their mascot's "Marigold" after being selected at a tryout earlier this month. To attend that tryout she had to miss out on a major high school event, but to Colbie, it was well worth it.

"When I found out I texted my friends I was like hey guys I made it and that was prom weekend so they were all at prom when they found out. So they called me from prom and then announced it at prom so it was so nice of them, I just I love my friends. I missed prom, but I got something more exciting so it's okay," explained Colbie York.

She sacrificed one night for an extremely unique opportunity for the next four years. Colbie York is Baylor's next Marigold, something that Colby said she never dreamed would happen but it turns out being a mascot actually runs in the family.

"My dad was actually a mascot for his high school and college career so it kinda inspired me. Plus, the Midland High mascot when I was going into freshman year was leaving so there wasn't gonna be a spike, so I was like I'll give it a try and I loved it," said York.

Colbie will now make the transition from embodying a bulldog to a bear.

"Spike is a boy and he's all about boy stuff and he likes playing with the guys, but Marigold she's a cute girl and she walks totally different. There was a whole different attitude switching between the two," explained Colbie.

She says she'll miss the pep rallies and the Friday night lights, but she's all smiles when talking about her future.

"It's just gonna be totally different because of its college. Everything's gonna be bigger, more exciting plus the group of mascots that I get to work with is gonna be so fun so I'm excited," said York.

While being Marigold, Colbie plans to study neuroscience as she wants to become an occupational therapist.

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