Who will take the seat for Midland County Judge?

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Early voting started Monday and for voters in Midland, the hot item on the ballot was for the Midland County judge's seat.

Both candidates are Republican, there were no opponents for the Democratic party.

Both candidates gave their thoughts on what changes they would like to see how the Barbara Culver juvenile youth center is run.

"We have got to get beyond that facility, it needs to be about the juvenile justice system. we need to improve that system so kids that are coming through that system who have had some trauma some issues some problems in their life, get the help that they need to deal with that, and then we send them back out there in the world with some skills. We live in a place where we have tremendous workforce opportunity today," said James Beauchamp.

"You can't put them in grown-up jail, so if there are only 0 to 3 beds available at the other facilities, we have to let our kids back out in the community. Some of the kids that are in there need to be in there, but some of the kids that are in there need the opportunity to correct a mistake they made. We owe it to our children because they are the biggest accessory to the community," said Terry Johnson.

When it comes to the Horseshoe Pavilion, we asked how each candidate would change the way management was run at the entertainment center.

"What we are bringing in, and exactly what's going on regarding that part of the revenues that change that are shown today for the horseshoe include hotel-motel tax, and I don't know the horseshoe impacts the majority of the hotel-motel taxes," said James Beauchamp.

"The seating county judge has stepped across the line by using tax dollars to bring in rock concerts. When they first opened the facility they brought in Jeff Foxworthy and totally underwrote that particular concert, and now they are doing it again by bringing in the doobie brothers. I don't agree that Midland County government and Midland County Taxpayers need to be paying to bring in music acts," said Terry Johnson.

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