Grady's Dominic Gibson headed to state for 4th straight year

Grady's Dominic Gibson headed to state for 4th straight year

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Grady senior Dominic Gibson is headed to his fourth consecutive state tennis meet. He won state his sophomore and junior year and is now hoping to get a three-peat and bring home another state title.

"I feel really accomplished. I know that a lot of people have won one in two state tournaments, but the lists kind of gets shorter when you won three in four," said Gibson.

Dominic started playing tennis in junior high and found that being on the court was something he grew a passion for.

"It started about my 8th grade year. At Grady they kind of want you to do all the sports and stuff. I decided to go a different way and play tennis and decided to really dedicate all my time and hard work. It brought me all the way to two state titles and hopefully a third," said Gibson.

He has grown and developed as an athlete on the court, but Dominic gives credit to the sport of tennis for helping him off the court as well.

"The sport of tennis to me is a lot of life lessons. A lot of stuff that I learn in Tennis I can carry with me into the classroom or into everyday interactions. Everyday is a new experience and it's just something brand new you get to discover," said Gibson.

Like all athletes, he has a routine he follows each match.

"Funny story, if you look at the state photos my sophomore and junior year, I'm wearing the exact same clothes that I wore when I won so I don't think I'm going to change it this year. I think I'm going to try and wear the same thing to keep that magic going," said Gibson.

Dominic will compete for his third straight title this Thursday and as high school tennis ends, he is headed to Holy Cross Notre Dame on scholarship to continue his tennis career.

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