Jonnah Smith headed to state for track and tennis

WINK, TX (KWES) - Qualifying for a state tournament in any sport is something all athletes dream about. For Wink sophomore Jonnah Smith she is going to state for two sports. She is a multi-sport athlete and is headed to the state tournament in both track and tennis.

"Not many people get to do that and I feel happy but I'm nervous. I'm so nervous," said Smith.

Jonnah is headed to the 2-A state tennis tournament for the second year in a row. Last year she competed in singles and made it to the semifinal round, so she knows what it feels like on the big stage.

"I feel less nervous. I wouldn't say more confident but I feel like I have improved. I have a partner this year and it's way different than singles so it's definitely something new," said Smith.

Although competing in mixed doubles is also new to Jonnah's partner CJ Mercier, he is no stranger to the state tournament. This will be CJ's third consecutive trip, so having that experience has already helped step their game up.

"It definitely helps. You have the advantage. You know how the scenario is going to be, how everyone is going to be cheering, and not nervous as much," said Mercier.

As we can imagine getting ready for a state tournament is a lot of hard work, but getting ready for two, well that takes a lot of determination and perseverance both physically and mentally.

"It takes a lot of mentality like you have to tell yourself you can do it. I've been in low places before so you have to keep your mentality up and if you don't you're not going anywhere," said Smith.

Jonnah puts 110% into both sports, but when I asked what her favorite is her answer was automatic.

"Definitely Tennis. I have a passion for it and like I said I've been playing since I've been five so I've really gotten a love for it," said Smith.

She will get her first shot at a medal this weekend in the track and field state tournament in Austin. She runs at 5:20 p.m. Saturday night in the 800 meter run.

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