Andrews' wheelchair athlete is state bound

Andrews' wheelchair athlete is state bound
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ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - He's a high school junior, and if his friends had to describe him they'd say he was,"probably smart kind and strong," said Wyatt Liming.

Wyatt's favorite subject is English, which makes sense because he'd rather read and write than play video games but when he does plays video games his pick is Call of Duty. It's not Fortnite, which he knows is what most people his age would choose.

"No I don't like fortnite for that reason," explained Liming.

Wyatt liming embraces being a little different from his peers. He has cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination which causes him to need forearm crutches to walk around.

Coaches at Andrews High School convinced him to try out wheelchair track and field. A second season later, and he's reached his goal at regionals and qualified for state for the boys shot put wheelchair event.

"My goal was a personal best. I'm happy that I made state, but I'm also happy that I got a personal best," said Liming.

Tomorrow Wyatt will be throwing in a stadium that fits 20,000 people, but he's feeling ready.

"I'm feeling pretty good. A little nervous, but pretty good overall," said Liming.

His upbeat thoughts heading into the weekend match his outlook on life. Even during tough times, he remains positive - as to how?

"Let him take care of it," said Liming as he motioned to the skies.

Wyatt will compete tomorrow afternoon at 1 p.m. at Mike A. Myers Stadium in Austin.

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