Midland College's CDL program to get big boost

Midland College's CDL program to get big boost

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland College Transportation Training Program is getting some major financial help from the Midland Development Corporation.

In an economic development agreement approved Monday morning, a $481,000 award will be given to help stimulate the program.

The college's transportation training program offers a four-week, 160-hour course to help candidates learn how to operate a CDL class vehicle.

The Texas Workforce Commission reports job postings for CDL drivers are the highest of all careers in the Permian Basin.

Sarah Harris, the interim administrator of the Midland Development Corporation says it was with these statistics in mind along with outreach from the community that motivated the MDC's decision.

"This is an opportunity to partner with Midland College for the expansion of their CDL program and to broaden the pipeline of CDL drivers that are entering the market here in Midland," said Harris.

The money from the MDC is already set to address specific concerns.

  • Buying two tractor trailers, $130,000
  • Hiring staff including two new instructors, $177,000
  • Advertising and equipment needs, $130,000
  • Getting two people certified for DPS testing, $44,000

Bryan Aldridge, the program director of Midland College's Transportation Training program says with these new improvements he will be able to raise his class sizes from 12 to 21 students.

He also told us that getting two people certified for official DPS testing will allow them to get more CDL drivers on the road without long waits for over packed testing locations.

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