Odessa unveils Chris Kyle memorial highway

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - In Ector County, Highway 191 is now known as the Chris Kyle Memorial Highway.

The dedication runs adjacent to the Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza.

Today, a ceremony brought out dozens of people to honor Kyle and his family for the official unveiling of the dedication.

A special signature for the city of Odessa according to Kirk Edwards of the Chris Kyle Memorial Committee.

"We want to remember what the people in the armed forces due for us, and we want the kids in another 10 or 15 years to Google Chris Kyle and to know what he did." Edwards continued "We want people to know that this community goes out and remembers the people that served in our armed forces."

Today's attendees included everyone from veterans to first responders to the state congressmen Brooks Langraf and Kel Seliger who took the memorial legislation to Austin.

"This was a legislation that I was very passionate about because it not only honors Chris Kyle and all of our veterans, but it also tells about who west Texans are as a people, that we value patriotism, and that we value our country and people who serve our country," said Landgraf.

Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal and is considered one of the most lethal snipers in American history.

His wife Taya Kyle proud of what transpired today.

"I hope that when they see reflect on service life and they remember he was a man who didn't have to serve but chose to serve, and that he loved his family, god, and his country," said Kyle.

After Kyle's service he spent time helping other veterans readjust to society.

Chris Kyle was tragically killed 5 years ago when a man he was helping shot him at a gun range.

His life was later portrayed in the Hollywood film "American Sniper."

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