Big Spring family returns to home burned in Monday's fires

HOWARD COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Imagine losing everything; all your memories, your clothes and having no place to call home.

That's what some Howard County residents are going through.

It was very emotional time for Raela James, she was born and raised in Big Spring.

"Christmas, birthdays, all those things, so that was our front door and living room," said James. 
The James family house has been in the family for three generations and also three fires.

"This is my grandparents' place, they have had it since 1962 and we have had three generations live in it since then," said James.

James said she was at work when she got the call to evacuate and she only had minutes to grab a few items, which included her grandfather's flag and a few family photos.

"Thankful for everyone's help and support and huge prayers, but we will be okay this is the third one that we have been in and a huge thank you to our volunteer guys, I know that they have worked really hard and I know they had a lot to deal with and they just didn't have time," said James.

Fortunately, the community is coming together and she seeking shelter with extended family nearby.

The Red Cross also offered those affected with vouchers to stay at hotels near the area.

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