Students, staff at Goddard Jr. High won't let overcrowding issue define them

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Overcrowding has been an issue at secondary schools, Goddard Junior High being one that has been filled to the brim with students.

"It's just been a lot of hard work," said Shelly Haney, Goddard Junior High Principal.

Although it hasn't been easy, the school is making the best of it.

"Overall, we've had a really good year despite having more kids than we anticipated," said Haney.

More kids is just the tip of the iceberg for everyone at Goddard Junior High.

"150 more now, we were up to 200 more than last year at our peak," said Haney.

Teachers share rooms and class sizes are larger.

"This year we're floating a lot more teachers into classrooms," said Haney.

When the bell rings, students can be seen filling the halls.

"Sometimes I think the crowdedness might be mistaken for meanness or aggressiveness but really everybody is just trying to where they are supposed to be in the time they have to get there," said Haney,

Even in the face of overcrowding, Goddard principal, Shelly Haney says her students are working their hardest.

"Kids are resilient and for the most part, our kids are just rocking and rolling," said Haney.

Sure, Haney and others at Goddard had to call audibles to deal with overcrowding, but it all goes back to the effort she says it took to make this year work.

"I have one of the most student-centered, hardest working teachers in town. I would put them up against any other junior high. No questions asked," said Haney.

Relief is coming to the campus. Next year as a part of the rezoning plan in MISD, students from the Legacy/Legends zones will now be going to Alamo Junior High.

Haney says the campus is also getting more teachers.

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