March for Moms rally held in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A March for Moms rally was held in Midland today.

The family friendly event was aimed at raising awareness on maternal health factors as well as advocating for better care during pregnancy for future mothers.

The event featured informational booths from local pregnancy health organizations, as well as key note speakers including local physicians and community advocates.

There was also fun for families including a line up of food trucks, music, and kids activities.

Organizers from today's event like Courtney Luomo say today's main message was recognizing a problem in the Midland community.

"We have a huge lack of access to pregnancy care in our community, we don't have enough providers," said Luomo.

She's hoping today's event will get a conversation started about the issue.

"We want this to be a spark, I want this to be something that is on people's minds for people to be aware of what's going on."

She says her need for more attention to this issue is what motivated her to the join the non-profit

The organization was the beneficiary of all the funds raised in a raffle at the rally.

"The organization works with hospitals and communities on a local level to implement evidence based practices for the communities they serve," said Luomo.

Luomo says today's event was also about encouraging parents to do more personal research.

"Most maternal deaths are actually preventable, a lot of simple interventions, having prenatal vitamins for moms, getting adequate prenatal care, getting ultra sounds, a lot of this sounds so simple to us, but they can be huge game changers," said Luomo.

Midland wasn't the only home to a March for Moms rally, organizers tell us they took place across the county including in the capital.

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