Kennel takes in dogs near the McDannald Fire for free

FORT DAVIS, TX (KWES) - While evacuations are being called around the Davis Mountain Resort, one woman is opening her doors to those furry friends.

It looks like an apartment for a pooch. It's a colorful kennel where dogs are being housed from families living close to the McDannald Fire.

Denise Aragon has lived in Fort Davis for five years, running Hillary's Nut Farm and welcoming every friend who walks into her dog house.

Six people have  already brought their dogs in from yesterday's evacuation while a second evacuation is being called. Residents can bring in their dogs, along with vaccination records, food, where they can stay as long as they need to stay, free of charge.

"We're very secured here, we're very far away from the fire, I feel comfortable knowing we're here and we don't need to evacuate so please leave your dogs and deal with your house, that's what we're here for," said Aragon.

Because when life gets you caught up in the fire, there's people like Denise, who can turn your disaster into something "paws-itive."

"Living in a small community, it's important we give back because we don't have a lot of resources like big towns do," said Aragon. "It's just the best part of living in a small town is everybody pulls together."

Hillary's Nut Farm is located on 43068B Highway 17 so if you want to contact them, their number is (432) 249-0620.

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