Bloys Campmeeting becomes campsite for firefighters battling McDannald Fire

FORT DAVIS, TX (KWES) - The Bloys Campmeeting grounds are where many families come to worship together once a year since 1890. But now, it's where hundreds of firefighters are sleeping tonight.

"We're just happy to make it available for those who are protecting this area. We try to be a good partner," said Bart Medley, Chairman of the Grounds Committee.

From long days battling the McDannald Fire, around 400 firefighters have a place to rest their heads after their last shift. Food is provided through Port-A-Pit Catering all the way from Arizona while Big Sky Showers is providing shower facilities. The camp will become the new spot for briefings so they'd no longer have to drive 30 minutes into town.

"We'll just accommodate them the best we can," said Medley. "Anything we can give them, we want to do because these guys are putting themselves on the line protecting us so anything we can do to help with that, we want to do."

There's no telling when the fire will be put out, but for now, while firefighters work long hours, their service doesn't go unnoticed.

"The sooner they get that fire out, they want to go home and we want them to be able to go home but as long as they need a place to stay and they're taking care of this fire, we're happy to help them," said Medley.

Because although Bloys Campgrounds aren't used all year round, this place where 2,500 people come to worship, for now, it's where firefighters from around the state are coming together before battling the same fire.

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