Permian's Calyha Brown is bound for State

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The 2018 Track and Field season is over for everyone in Odessa except for one athlete, Permian senior Calyha Brown. After taking first in the discus at Regionals, she will be competing at the UIL State Track and Field Championships next weekend.

Maybe it was chewing a specific flavor of gum or maybe it was listening to her favorite genre of music. Both "must"s for Permians Calyha Brown on meet days, that pushed her to a new PR and a first place at the 6A Region One championship. But not in the event that she necessarily expected.

"Shotput, that's the love of my life I love shot put but at regionals, I had an unfortunate turnout so I didn't make it in the shot, but I knew after that I had to focus and get my mind on my other event because I had two events," said Calyha Brown.

That other event, the discus. Which turned out to be the throw that would propel her to the next step after four consecutive regional appearances.

"Going to State has been my dream for forever and you know it's hard making it out in our region because we are 6A because we are a big school and we go against the best of the best," said Brown.

There are only eight other girls in the state of Texas in Calya position… she knows the competition will be tough but she's only focused on one opponent. 
"Just having the same motivation as I had going into regionals and just knowing that I've done this for so long and that muscle memory never fails and just having that passion in my heart I can do as good as I can and just always compete against myself and nobody else," said Brown.

The state championship meet will start next Friday. Cahlya will compete on Saturday night.

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