Midland High's Sametria Smith heads to her third straight state meet

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Last weekend, Midland ISD had 18 athletes compete in the track and field regionals in hopes of qualifying to state. Well out of those athletes, Midland High senior Sametria Smith is the only one to advance to the UIL State Meet.

Sametria is going to state for her third consecutive year so with already having two under her belt, she feels prepared for what's next.

"I like the adrenaline rush you get when you're competing. It's like this girl jumped 20 feet, I'm going to go out there and jump 20 feet. Or if she ran a 13 I'm going to go out there and run a 13. It's like you want to do something you've never done before," said Smith.

Sametria has been competing in long jump since she's been little and as a freshman in high school, she tried something new and started competing in the low hurdles.

 "I wanted to run hurdles back in 7th and 8th grade, but they wouldn't let me run hurdles and my mom was like you're too clumsy to do that. Then I wanted to give it a try and my coach said well let's go out and try it. I started off three stepping and my coach said, 'yeah she's going to be good'. So, I was like okay I'll try it then," said Smith.

Her hard work paid off as she qualified in both long jump and hurdles for state and while Sametria is a 3-time state qualifier there are a few things she's been working on.

"Block starts are my biggest weakness. That's something I must work on really hard every day at practice, every week at practice, and give it my all. Some of the girls out there are naturally born sprinters and I'm out there like I'm born to jump. I didn't really start out as sprinting I started out as jumping so it was hard to transition into that. But I'm getting better at it," said Smith.

Behind Sametria are her coaches and family who support her but also relate to being a track and field athlete.

"Actually all of my family members ran track. It's pretty cool because they know everything about track. They understand everything I'm talking about," said Smith.

The UIL State Meet is May 11th-12th in Austin.

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