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Midland High School students participate in walkout in support of 2nd amendment rights

Midland High protest. (Source: KWES.) Midland High protest. (Source: KWES.)

At 10:00 a.m. on May 2, students at Midland High School decided to stop being quiet about gun rights.  

It wasn’t just in Midland, but throughout the nation that students walked out of their classrooms for 16 minutes to show support for the second amendment. 

About a few dozen students came out to show support.  

Trey Ablen, a senior at MHS, said that they have the second amendment, but there's talk of taking away guns, and students at Midland High are not okay with that.

Ablen says he is done sitting around and being quite about gun control.  

"It's like many people are just sitting by and letting gun control take over while others aren’t doing anything to help support it," said Ablen.   

A few cars drove by and honked to support the students and their movement. Kelli Kirk, a Midland High mom, came out to support her son too. 

"It's not the gun, it’s the person behind the gun. They need to refocus on criminals, and not the gun they are holding," said Kirk.  

For more information on the national walkouts or to sign up click here.

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