Exercise prepares first responders and emergency personnel for a disaster

Exercise prepares first responders and emergency personnel for a disaster

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see first-hand, what happens during an airport emergency? Now's your chance and you can even be a part of it.

The Midland International Air and Space Port and the City of Midland are teaming up to perform an emergency response drill.

As part of a requirement under the FAA, airports must perform an emergency exercise every three years. These drills involve volunteers and first responders to make a plane crash scenario come to life.

"It allows people who aren't necessarily at the airport to see what it's like to be a first responder and how an airport runs on a day to day basis trying to stay proactive and be ready for emergencies," said Operation Supervisor Nicholas Krakovez.

So what would actually happen in a real plane crash? First, air traffic control lets operations know the emergency, the details of the crash, and how many people are on it. Then, first responders are radioed in where all entities follow the set plan.

"We look for faults and issues we may have or things we like to address that way in a real-world emergency at the airport, we looked at our issues and stream on them so we can respond better in a real-world situation," said Krakovez.

To make the exercise more life-like, Hollywood-style special effects are applied for the fake injuries.

"It's important for us to make this as realistic as possible because it breaks people away from going through the motions," " said Krakovez. "When you have an aircraft, the injuries out there, it gives people a taste of what it would be like in a real-world situation."

Because in the real world, anything can happen. But with emergency preparation, this exercise becomes a test to first responders, to emergency personnel, and a test on how many lives can be saved.

Lunch will be provided afterward and there will also be a raffle for prizes. The event will take place on May 5 from 7 a.m. until noon. For more information and to sign up, click here.

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