Walk up songs going further than the diamond

Walk up songs going further than the diamond

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - One of the fun traditions in baseball is having a walk up song when you're stepping up to the plate. A player's song is unique and a special way to express themselves as well as getting themselves and the crowd pumped.

A few players on Odessa College's baseball team picked songs that hit closer to home and bring a different meaning to the diamond.

"It's Coach Parker's walk up song that he had when he played. I was in a little bit of a tough time last year with that bat so he said you have to try it out. I did and it worked from there. So, we just took it from there," said Mitchel Holding.

"Oh Happy Days. It's a family song. My dad's friend passed who was a kids dad on a team a played on with Harry. His dad passed from cancer and that was their song together as like fathers. I just took it into consideration to have it as my walk up song. The kid's dad passed a few years ago, but I had a auntie that passed not too long ago so it just reminded me to be happy," said Josh Bedggood.

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