One program is bringing help back to struggling teens

One program is bringing help back to struggling teens

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Springboard Adolescent Outpatient Facility opened its doors in Midland a few months ago. They offer treatment for teens battling alcohol and drug abuse.
For many years, they've operated in Midland since the late 90's as a residential program for adults. But for many of those residents, most started using as a teenager.

Since PDAP was the only facility providing those services but eventually shut down, the demand for adolescent services was especially needed in the area.

"We saw there was going to a huge hole and gap in services so we got up the idea to start an adolescent program here in Midland that can reach these families and these kids," said Program Director Stephanie Schoen-Orr.

Julie Chavez is a licensed chemical dependency counselor who used to have a history with substance abuse herself. She's been with Springboard Center for the past three years providing treatment for adults.

"I was completely uneducated so if someone so the fact if someone is having a problem, someone who comes here and to have that education, that may change a lot of decisions they make in the future that I wasn't able to have. That's why I made the move over here is wanting to give back what I didn't have."

The facility provides individual and group counseling, not to mention the extra weight that may come with substance abuse for teens.

"You find familial problems, school problems, those sort of things," said Licensed Master Social Worker Rickie O'Neal. "That's why we implement family therapy as well as mental health groups. so that we can treat the whole person."

Because for a facility like the Springboard Center, those who walk in might not be addicts or alcoholics yet, but maybe, with a little time and treatment, potential chemical dependency would be a thing of the past when they walk out.

"We know that if we can reach these kids when they start using, we can put out years of damage that they do of our lives so they can have a bright future," said Schoen-Orr.

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