19 new trees planted at Windlands park

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Nineteen new trees were planted at Midland's Windlands park this weekend.

The planting spree was a community effort led by a local branch of the Apache Corporation, an oil and gas company.

They called the event "Trees for Tots," as each of the newly planted trees were in dedication to a child was born or adopted by employees from the company between 2017-2018.

The company also recruited the help of the local organization Keep Midland Beautiful.

Midland city councilwoman Sharla Hotchkiss, who is also part of Keep Midland Beautiful, said it was an easy choice to work with the company.

"We're delighted and they're wonderful partners," Hotchkiss said. "This isn't the only thing they've done that is environmental for the city, we always expect they'll be good partners."

Representatives from Apache like Katie Disher said providing for a community that has served them so well is also an important bond to have.

"We give where we live and here in west Texas there's always a need for more trees," Disher said.

The city of Midland also pitched in on the weekend's effort, hooking up irrigation lines to each tree after they were planted.

Everyone involved said the community effort was a great success.

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