From Australia to Odessa College Baseball

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On the Odessa College baseball team's 26 man roster, there are three players who traveled a little over nine thousand miles to continue their baseball career. Harrison Fullerton, Joshua Bedggood and Mitchell Holding are all from Australia and found their way to West Texas.

"It's pretty crazy actually I never really thought that me and the boys would be here. Usually there's a lot of school's around and it wouldn't be with any Australians but it has been really good," said Fullerton.

The three grew up in different states in Australia. Harry is from Sydney, Josh came from Brisbane, and Mitch grew up in Melbourne.

"Me and harry have been friends since we've been 11 years old since we played in the Cal Ripken World Series in Little League," said Bedggood.

"Mitch Holding I knew a little bit after and I've been playing against him and with him for a really long time," said Fullerton.

As the three came here to America, they've learned there are a few differences from their home towns.

"Definitely driving on the wrong side of the road," said Holding.

"We say 'mate' a lot we kind of use different slang for different words. For instance, mandarin is like a little orange. We call it mandarin, but not in the u.s. It's a little different," said Fullerton.

When it comes to music, West Texas has a little different beat.

"There's a lot of country. We don't really listen to that back home," said Fullerton.

"I haven't really jumped into the whole country music thing," said Holding.

"There's a few songs I like but other than that it's just strange and different. You wouldn't see me in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots," said Bedggood.

The three are looking forward to finishing the season strong.

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