The flu season is officially over

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - After a long run, the flu season shows to be over for this year and If you weren't sick yourself, you probably knew someone that was.

Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 6,832 people were seen by a doctor and they either had the flu or pneumonia that resulted in death.

Statewide Influenza Activity Map:

Midland Memorial hospital spokespeople said they tried to keep the visitor area extra clean as part of their effort to stop the virus from spreading.

"Stations, we call them the high hygiene, the mask and the Kleenex out during the flu season, but we certainly went through a lot of supplies this year," said Val Sparks, Infection Prevention & Control Coordinator at Midland Memorial Hospital.

They also implemented extra restrictions on people who came to visit patients.

Additionally, visitors under 14 were not allowed to visit patients unless it was a critical situation or a patient themselves.

"When we had the H1N1 in the off-season, we did implement additional visitation restrictions with children under 14 this year, which we normally do not have to do, " said Sparks.

The flu season may be over, but the hospital says they are still monitoring their charts.

"We still monitor weekly, we had zero last week no A'S no B's the numbers are down. We are seeing a lot of G-I bugs with diarrhea and vomiting," said Sparks.

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