Neighbors, friends of man found dead in RV speak out

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A man was found dead in his RV Tuesday, but what alarmed first responders was the swarm of bees that surrounded the body.

Ector County Sheriff's office was called out to the 13500 block of South Bonanza where the body was found in the late afternoon hours.

A nearby neighbor was shocked to hear the news.

"Around six or seven," neighbor Luz Maria said, "we saw that there was a lot of police officers. I called my neighbor who lives right there because there was an ambulance and he said he didn't know anything and later told me that the neighbor had died."

Ector County Sheriff's Office has yet to release the victim's name, but said that the man was in his 60s.

We spoke with a man named Gerland Murphy who said that he was the man's friend.

"He would drive around Pleasant Farms and meet people," his friend Gerland Murphy said. "He was just a guy that everyone kinda knew."

Murphy also mentioned that his friend had told him he was not going to live much longer because he was getting sick.

"He was down in his health a little bit, I mean, he told me before, but this was like two years ago," said Murphy. "I didn't figure it was bees or anything like that."

He also said his friend did not have any close family in West Texas.

"No wife or children," said Murphy. "He was like a loner, but everyone kinda knew him for the last 10 years that he lived out here."

Murphy said the man was known to wear fatigue pants and ride his bike along the dirt road in Pleasant Farms while saying hello to everyone.

The cause of death has yet to be released by Ector County Sheriff's Office.

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