Midland ISD exploring option to add new charter school

Midland ISD exploring option to add new charter school

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A new charter school could be on the way to Midland IndepenSD.

"We're going to try and say in-district partnership," said Dr. Elise Kail, Midland ISD.

MISD is working towards another avenue of learning for their students.

"We need transformation in the district. We have an opportunity for this. Texas Education Agency, this option, legislature is supporting these options," said Kail.

The idea of an in-district charter school opens the possibility of the new school, and thanks to the MISD board approving continued talks with Legacy Traditional School whose helped thousands of kids in Arizona and Nevada.

"We have to look at everything. You have to look at facility usage if there's one. Are they going to use our child nutrition services? Are they going to use transportation? Are they going to use our IT services? Are they going to use our phone services," said Kail.

There are still many questions Midland ISD and Legacy have to answer but it's their track record that attracted school officials in the first place.

"Take that model either as a building they build, and kids come. We get an increased enrollment. There's a lot of benefits along the lines. It's basically a win-win," said Kail.

The district continues to transition in a direction they believe is best.

"Community, we're broadening the base for the options available for your students and bring what's in the best interest of Midland ISD," said Kail.

A new charter would be for students Pre-K thru 6th grade. Kail says the district will use the 2018-2019 school year to continue talks and planning with the hopes of a 2019-2020 launch.

If you want to learn more about Legacy Traditional click the link: https://legacytraditional.org/

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