A day in the life of an autistic girl at MARC Spectrum of Solutions

A day in the life of an autistic girl at MARC Spectrum of Solutions
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MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We told you about Karissa and Presley Winters a few months ago. Karissa wrote a book called Your Guide to All Things Caticorn. The children's book aimed to help autistic children recognize different types of emotions, which helped her daughter Presley. But on top of that, she was also getting treatment at MARC Spectrum of Solutions.

Every Tuesday when Presley comes in, she sits with her therapist and will play with her fidgets. It helps her listen when someone is talking to her because sensory issues are some of the things she works on with her therapist at Spectrum of Solutions.

The resource center helps children with different developmental and cognitive disabilities where they work with autistic children like Presley build on skills, whether that be communication, expression, independence or social interaction.

"She does really well, she loves it," said Karissa. "It makes all the difference because any kind of developmental challenge like autism can change day to day. So for her, things might come up at school like time test, which made her anxious so they talked about it and worked with her. Now, she's doing much better."

It's been a year since Presley has been coming to Spectrum of Solutions. Before this, she dealt with situations from being anxious, chewing on things and having meltdowns. But each therapist finds the right methods to help Presley express herself.

"There are some kids who haven't had the ability to communicate at all and there's different systems and procedures they use and parents are thrilled they finally have the ability to know what their child is thinking," said Marketing and Development Director Melanie Saiz.

If anyone knows how to describe autism, Presley knows how.

"It's like an Apple computer and a Mac computer. They're both different but they're both the same."

Autism is a spectrum, it's a spectrum to show no matter where the child stands, it's not about a disability. But more so, showing a different ability to shine.

"Her mind is so beautiful and her being autistic is a little piece of her," said Karissa. "But it's a piece of her that makes it so unique."

Karissa and Presley are working on more projects to benefit the autistic community. She has another book in the making and is in the planning of stages of a fundraiser to give the proceeds to Spectrum of Solutions.

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