MPD announce new interim Chief Seth Herman

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Seth Herman was officially announced as the interim police chief for the city of Midland.

"There is some acclimation to it, as far as administrative roles, and concerns but other than that the police department continues to perform as it always has," said Seth Herman, Interim police chief for Midland.

Herman, says that he plans to keep things the same at the department, so residents shouldn't expect too many changes.

"Just keeping the ship running in the same direction, so really it's just operational standing at this point no major changes in the near future only things that have to adjust for obvious for personal restraints and any changes in populists with the city of Midland," said Herman.

Change in leadership has been very frequent in the department, but Herman says the moral remains high.

"I think the energy is very positive right now again our men and women are doing an outstanding job they are self-motivation, and I think the morale is very positive at this time," said Herman.

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