Sibling duo takes the field as pitcher and catcher

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As we've seen throughout the baseball season, having chemistry on the diamond is important for a team to be successful especially between their pitcher and catcher. What could be better than having your sibling on the mound or behind the plate. For Midland Classical Academy brother sister duo Jaxson and Kenna Bayley have just that.

"Playing with my brother is the best part because I never thought I'd be able to play a competitive sport with him. It's really special to be able to play with him," said Kenna.

"It's definitely really special just considering I've never been able to play a sport with a sibling before which most people don't get to, especially with their sister," said Jaxson.

This is the first year Jaxson and Kenna have been teammates, so early in the season it was something they had to get used to.

"When we first started it was definitely weird because I've never really seen her behind the plate in catcher's gear. But now that we've been playing for awhile we kind of have that sibling connection with each other. We make the right calls and agree with each other for the most part,"  said Jaxson.

Kenna started off playing softball, but MCA doesn't have a team so she decided to join the baseball program and had to make some adjustments.

"I've tried practicing hitting like all different kinds of pitches coming from different kinds of angles. It's been pretty difficult to try and adjust to that," said Kenna.

In softball, the distance between each base is 60 feet but for baseball the distance is 90 feet. For Kenna that was an area that took some getting used to.

"I get tired because I'm not used to it," said Kenna.

Kenna may be a freshman and one of the youngest on the team, but when it comes to her toughness on the field she isn't afraid to show it.

"I see them coming and I'm like you're going to get out," said Kenna.

The duo hopes to finish this season strong.

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