Permian Basin Mountain Bikers are headed to state

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - One unique sport that we often don't hear a lot about in the Permian Basin is mountain biking. This year is the first year the Permian Basin has a team in the Texas Division of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. The Permian Basin Mountain Bikers consist of five riders representing four area schools and in their first season they're heading to state.

"I came out to the park and I heard someone say something about this high school series so I looked into it and we started a team. This is our first year and we're really pleased with the turnout especially going to the state championships. It's really fun," said Philip Norwood.

Within the five man squad, there are two high schoolers and three riders in junior high. Although there's an age gap, they are still one team.

"We're the same team, but the only difference is they start at a different time. They ride the same course, but they ride one lap," said Norwood.

With the thrill of going fast and climbing hills, their love for this sport has grown.

"Mountain biking is awesome. You can really see progress and just to be able to hit some jumps and all that fun stuff. It's just hard not to like it," said Norwood.

The team is set to compete in the state championship this Saturday in Glen Rose, Texas.

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